About us

I was sound asleep inside my apartment. AsI slept, an intruder climbed through my window. If a neighborhadn’t scared off the intruder, the results might have been disastrous.Sadly, thiswas not the first time something like that has happened, and it won’t be the last. Statistics show that incidents like this take place everywhere and are, in fact, increasing in number. That is whyweatEye in the SkySecurityForce take your securityand safetyseriously.Ourstate-of-the-art equipmentwill help keep you andyour family safe and sound.Let us be your eye in the sky.

National crime statistics show an increase in home invasions,vandalism, robberies, and assault. Considering these statistics and the surroundingenvironment, wouldn’t youwant to keep an eye on everything around you? Wouldn’t you like to get the jump on would-behomeinvadersand vandals who invade your privacy and threaten yourfamily’s safety?The answer to that question should beabsolutely! Eye in theSkySecurityForcecan help you protect yourself,your property, and most of all your family! Weoffer a variety of security surveillance systems, both hidden and unhidden.